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Temperature management can help to increase your productivity

We all know what it’s like to operate in an uncomfortable environment; be it at work, school, a lecture hall, or a library. When it’s too hot or cold, it can be difficult to relax, concentrate, and to get things done. Our flow of work and the formation of ideas can be slowed and we can easily become distracted if the temperature is not quite right. This can be detrimental to our academic and professional performance.

Maintaining a comfortable temperature is important to help us concentrate. It is also important to maintain the right temperature for the right occasions. When it comes to setting a comfortable temperature, there are a number of considerations to take into account before configuring the thermostat.

The benefits of warmer temperature

A lot of research has been conducted into the best conditions for office productivity. The majority of this research has concluded that the optimal temperature for working is between 21 and 23 degrees Celsius. This is usually referred to as the ideal ‘room temperature’.

However, because we are all different there is not one specific temperature that’s right for everyone. For example; the physiological characteristics of each person play a large role in defining what their ideal temperature is.

Temperature can also increase sales in the retail industry as it can affect the customer experience. If you want to find out more, click here.

Working more productively

A study by Cornell University in the United States entitled Linking Environmental Conditions to Productivity has found that in respect to office workers, the warmer the temperature the fewer the number of typing errors were made. The study in fact found that as the temperature kept rising to almost 25 degrees Celsius, even fewer people made mistakes.

Being warmer seems to make a person more content, more comfortable and more productive. Of course, during summer it makes sense to be working in a slightly cooler and controlled environment, whereas in winter it’s better to have the thermostat turned up a fraction. We’re also happier when we’re warmer because we feel trust and empathy towards others; and these feelings are activated by the same part of the brain that recognises warmth.

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The problem with the cold

The reason for a drop in concentration and performance when we are cold is because of the energy that is used by our bodies in trying to make us warmer. Less energy therefore goes into helping you concentrate. Furthermore just as warmer temperatures can make people feel happier, colder temperatures can make people feel sad and sometimes even depressed.

Air conditioning plays an important role in situations where people need to focus and concentrate for periods of time. We don’t tend to notice something if it’s working, but only when it isn’t; and this is true when it comes to setting a controlled temperature in an office or learning establishment.

With the working environment maintained at the right temperature, people feel more relaxed and can get on with their work - with less to distract them. In the world of education, this can produce better work and exam results. and in the world of work it can boost employee productivity and - in the long-run - hopefully profits too.

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