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Epix Systems: Markus® refrigeration & air conditioning

At Oxford Air Conditioning, we are consistently evaluating our processes with the aim of making our service as great as it can possibly be. We aim to be as efficient as possible, ensuring that we can pass this down to our clients in the speed and accuracy of our work, as well as maintaining competitive pricing.

Technology has improved dramatically over the last few years, and has allowed us to be innovative in the approach to our work.

Our air conditioning engineers are now supported by state-of-the-art, real-time, asset management software. The engineers at Oxford Air Conditioning carry Personal Digital Assistants, which ensures optimised and consistent performance on all jobs. The software sets deadlines and real-time controls for our customers’ assets. By using these devices, we can access the comprehensive history of any air conditioning or refrigeration system in any given location.

The software system that we have implemented at Oxford Air Conditioning is from Epix Systems, and it is called Markus®.

As this article will outline how embracing technology within our organisation has helped us to become more efficient and allowed us to offer a better service and better reporting to clients.

The features & benefits of this software

The Epix software is a revelation for our operations and our delivery to clients, and has a number of key features;

F-Gas Compliance
Asset Register
Configurable Check Lists
Task Information
Disaster Recovery
Asset Hierarchy
Mobile Working
Service Schedules
Sales Order Processing
Purchase Order Processing
Sage Interfaces
The asset register allows us to monitor the service requirements of particular items on site. This means that when we arrive to service, maintain, or repair your system, we have all the details that we need. This includes important serial numbers, details of gas and volume, and prices. The system also allows us to record any potential health & safety issues at the site for future reference or to schedule for repair.

The recording of important data is one of the primary benefits of using this software on the job, and our engineers are also able to compile a useful list of on tasks that are required to be addressed on-site. Information about an emergency repair or a checklist for a scheduled service can be displayed on our mobile devices, which ensures that everything is covered properly. If, for one reason or another, there are tasks that we are unable to complete, our PDAs will allow us to photograph and record the task for a future visit.

The data that is gathered within the software is important, and therefore we need to be sure that it is protected appropriately. Not only is there stringent security on access to the data, but incase of data loss, the operators can implement significant disaster recovery.

The mobile reporting function of this software allows us to avoid the issue of paperwork, and keeps our engineers focused on the job at hand.

Reporting to clients

Not only is this system ideal for our own internal management of tasks and the progress of jobs, it is also perfect for reporting to clients. We are able to monitor the progress of large and small-scale projects and refer information to project managers or business owners.

By using this system, engineers are able to log requests from clients on-site, including the scheduling of future maintenance visits, and details of the issues that need to be addressed. This fast planning and engagement with the client, together with the flexibility offered by mobile booking and information recording allows us to give real-time information to our client about project progress, future costing, and much more.

According to the official Epix website; “Real-time information flowing back from your engineers means that your customers can be kept fully informed of the progress of the work.” In our experience, the ability to monitor engineers, their tasks, and their performance means better accountability and better all-round service.

Our commitment to quality

Whether you are using Oxford Air Conditioning for regular service and maintenance, or in the case of an emergency repair, we maintain a solid commitment to quality and client satisfaction.

By providing our engineers with personal devices and state-of-the-art software, we are both improving our operations as a business, and delivering a consistent and transparent service to our clients.

For more information about our service and maintenance, and if you would like to know more about the software that we use, get in touch by calling 01235 524411 or by contacting us online

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