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Does your company use an R22 refrigerant gas air conditioning system? If your air con was installed more than ten years ago, it probably is! R22 was made illegal to use in new AC systems since 2004.

From the beginning of next year (1st January 2015), it will become illegal for any company to service and/or maintain their air conditioning system that uses R22 refrigerant gas. This is due to strict EC Regulations that are coming in to place.

As a result, now is the perfect time to replace your old R22 system with a cleaner and more efficient air conditioning system. Not only will this allow your company to comply with the law, but it can also save your company money in the long run (due to the increased efficiency and lower energy demands of modern HVAC systems). We can offer a value statement for energy saving against investment of replacement systems.

We have already worked with customers nationwide that are replacing their old R22 systems with modern equivalents, benefiting from more efficient heating and cooling for their commercial buildings, resulting in lower running costs and easier temperature management.

At the beginning of 2013, Mitsubishi Electric predicted that there were around 750,000 R22 systems still in use. This is a huge amount of systems that will need to be modified or replaced when the deadline hits. To beat the expected rush and minimise any delays due to high demand, it is in your company's interest to act promptly.

Once the deadline occurs, if your company is not in accordance with EC Ozone Regulation No 1005/2009, it may be at risk of fines of site a shutdown of the site using the R22 system(s).

To ensure that your company complies with new EC Regulations, or to find out more about replacing your R22 Air Conditioning system, please contact us today on 01235 524411 or online.