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As small and medium businesses have become more and more reliant on technology and computers, they have been forced to recognise the importance of keeping their server and computer rooms cool. When servers and computers overheat or when humidity is high, bad things happen. Businesses lose time and money waiting for costly repairs. The choice is a simple one; either invest in an effective cooling scheme or suffer the consequences.

Many businesses have been caught by surprise with the risk of improper cooling for servers. As businesses expand their technology, they sometimes overlook this basic important type of equipment protection. Even businesses that have considered protecting the temperature of their servers often use a faulty design and end up spending far more than they should for inadequate protection.

Anil Migliani of AMI-Partners has seen it all in a career of helping small and medium businesses manage their technology. “Excess heat can be a problem for small businesses because their servers now run greater loads and for longer periods. Many of them need to be available 24/7. It is not uncommon to find people complaining about unavailable services during late evening or weekends, which results in lost productivity.”

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