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The nights have drawn in winter is well and truly on its way. Whatever the temperature outside, you need to keep your business premises at a constant and controlled temperature in order to protect workers from illness and increase efficiency by allowing them to work in the most comfortable environment possible.

Here are some ways in which you can maintain your premises warmth this winter, even if there is wind, rain or even snow outside!

Reduce heat loss

The first way to increase air temperature is to make sure all inside air is contained. At a basic level this means closing doors and windows which could leak air, but it is also important to keep internal gateways such as office doors, cupboards, kitchens and maintenance rooms closed off from each other to isolate the air more effectively.

When cold air is unable to penetrate the indoors a room can heat up significantly, particularly if there are electrical appliances running such as computers, laptops, printers and lights.

Cavity wall and loft insulation are also excellent ways to trap heat if they are available to you. Cavity wall insulation can prevent heat travel by filling the gap between walls with a special material which inhibits heat transfer. The prevention of convection stops heat from escaping through walls. Loft insulation traps heat at the top of a building - where heat rises to - using one of several materials; including wool blankets, cellulose fibres, cork granules and sheet insulation boards.

Double-Up with windows

Windows are more effective at trapping heat when they are double-glazed, or for the cheaper option make sure blinds are down and curtains closed. This reduces the flow of air and insulates a room and building from the cold.

Effective floor material

Carpets are far better at trapping heat than wood floors; thick carpeting can warm up even the most sun-starved office or area.

If your office carpeting is old, it may be worn down which makes it less effective at collecting heat - so you may wish to think about resurfacing now before the cold weather really hits us.

Modern efficient air conditioned heating

If all the above measures are in place and your commercial property or office can sufficiently trap heat, it is an excellent idea to install air conditioning units to regulate the flow and temperature of air in and out of the building. Using a thermostat on the wall, individual and collective room temperatures can be controlled with a switch - keep a consistent climate and providing comfortable working conditions.

Old units are being phased out because R22 refrigerant gases are having negative effects on the ozone layer, and from January 2015 it will be illegal to service or maintain any of these. Therefore now is an excellent time to upgrade your system.

Oxford Air Conditioning is Oxfordshire’s leading air conditioning and refrigeration installation and maintenance company. We take pride in our work of designing, installing and servicing air conditioning units to keep you warm during winter.

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