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With the quick changes in weather throughout the year, UK restaurant owners are have a responsibility to keep their surroundings comfortable for customers. In many cases, with the changeable climate, this has meant that air conditioning systems will be used before they’re properly checked and serviced. Keeping a comfortable temperature in a restaurant premises can be the difference between a successful business and a struggling one. Whether the weather is hot or cold, maintaining the right climate inside is essential.

If you have already fired the system up this year, don’t forget to thoroughly service your equipment before continuing to use it. Regular maintenance will ensure that the air conditioning system is operational for both the summer and winter seasons.

Whilst the list of service steps may look intimidating, they can all be tackled by the expert engineers at Oxford Air Conditioning. Our licensed professionals can ensure a year’s worth of reliable system operation, so it is well worth giving us a call.

Basic checkpoints of restaurant HVAC maintenance

Most HVAC restaurant systems in the UK require similar basic steps.

Clean all coils – All coils on the HVAC unit and refrigeration unit need the coils cleaned as the most basic step in system maintenance.

Mould prevention – Few things will close a restaurant quicker faster than poor indoor air quality. A variety of cleansers may be needed to ensure a mould-free, clean air quality. Mould is a serious threat to restaurants and requires immediate addressing. Walls, ducts, and AC systems must be checked thoroughly for mould every year.

Frequent filter changes – This basic step is critical to the health of your system. Some restaurants have to be more proactive about changing filters than others. Often, one filter change a year is not sufficient. In many cases, filters should be checked every other month, and changed whenever necessary.

Thermostat controls – Your heating and cooling system is only as effective and efficient as the functionality of the thermostat controls. The control should be checked to ensure that the system is responding correctly to the temperature settings. Inefficient controls can burn extra energy and be misleading about the comfort level enjoyed by your restaurant customers.

Basic maintenance steps for restaurant cooling systems

Clean ducts - Ducts and airways should be cleared and cleaned of dust and debris. Dust and dirt in the ductwork can easily filter into the restaurant.

Check condensation srain – If there is condensation pooling inside the unit, there are products to prevent bacteria and other matter from populating in the system and in the pan. Agents can also prevent buildup on the coils and prevent bacterial growth and spread. This is an important maintenance step.

Check hoses – Your system will not run efficiently if the hoses and connectors are loose. A system service is sure to secure everything. It is also essential to check the attachments and spend a bit of time securing them all, in order to provide consistent and reliable air flow.

Check blades – Over the off-season, your blower blades and the blower itself may suffer corrosion or rust. Be sure to check the blower and blades and lubricate when necessary. This task is best accomplished before the system is turned on but if you have started prematurely, dedicate a day to shutting down and get an engineer in to check thoroughly. Faulty blades and blowers will cause extensive, expensive system repairs.

Don’t forget the tower – Whether you have a rooftop tower or one alongside the building, the tower must be checked regularly. Inspect and clean the tower regularly to keep your system efficient and help make your customer experience entirely comfortable.

If you own a bar or a restaurant, and would like to make sure that your customers are experiencing comfortable temperatures in your premises, give Oxford Air Conditioning a call on 01235 524411 or contact us online today.

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