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Europe:  The new F Gas Regulations which come into force on 1st January 2015 place restrictions on the use of certain HFC refrigerants in certain applications.  R404A has a GWP of 3922 and is therefore in the group of refrigerants with a GWP >2500 which will be most affected by the new regulations.  The key parts of the regulation that will have a major impact on the use of R404A are;

1/ From 2018 there will be a significant phase down in the amount of HFCs placed on the market. This reduces the supply of HFCs from the 100% level of 2015, to just 21% of that total in 2030, with a major cut of 37% in 2018.

2/ From 2020 there will be a ban on the use of refrigerants with a GWP of 2500 or more in new stationary refrigeration equipment, except that intended for application designed to cool products to temperatures below – 50 °C

3/ From 2020 there will be a ban on the use of refrigerants with a GWP of 2500 or more for service and maintenance of refrigeration equipment where the charge size is greater than 40 Tonnes CO2 equivalent (approximately 10kg of R404A). There are exemptions for military applications and or systems intended to cool below -50°C product temperature.

4/ Until 2030 the use of reclaimed and recycled R404A for service and maintenance is allowed

5/ From 1st January 2015 Leak Detection requirements have changed from 3kg, 30kg and 300kg thresholds to 5T, 50T and 500T CO2Eq. From 1st January 2015 a R404A system with a charge of 127kg or more will also need automatic fixed leak detection.

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